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Madou, Taiwan Countryside
Madou, Taiwan Temple
Tainan Temple
Tainan Taiwan Beach
Madou, Taiwan
Tainan Countryside

The best way to explore Madou is by bike. Transport yourself back in time, strolling past old houses and dilapidated buildings, reminding you of the history of the area. You'll see smiling faces, hear chirping swarms of tree swallows, and smell the fresh country air. Relax and unplug, leaving only you, your bike, and the countryside (and maybe your camera).


Beimen is a highlight for many tourists. Take a powered 4-person bike around the entire area, stopping for photos that beg to be taken. You'll see fields, waterfronts, villages, the Crystal church, temples, oyster farms, and salt flats. For such a small place, it holds a wealth of enjoyment for tourists and locals alike. If you're brave, you might try salted ice cream!

Taijian National Park
Taijiang National Park

If you enjoy nature, you won't want to miss Taijiang National Park. Truly a sight to remember, you can enjoy a scenic boat ride through the tree-covered water ways. Like something from a storybook, you'll duck under trees, see unusual plants, and listen to the tour-guide crack jokes (even if you didn't get the punchline).

Min Pei, Donkey Kitchen
Cooking Class

Whether you are an amateur chef or just prefer to stay indoors, a cooking class is the perfect choice. Let our head chef, Min Pei, who studied in Spain, teach you the ways of Spanish cooking. Join her in the kitchen to prepare and cook your very own authentic Spanish dish. This is truly a rare experience and one you can delight family and friends with when you return.

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