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Watch our video to learn all about Donkey Lashes.

Donkey Lashes Restaurant and B&Bs offers something different to visitors of Tainan, Taiwan. Nestled in the peaceful countryside of the Madou District, this family-run restaurant serves up authentic Spanish cuisine with a twist of Taiwan. While our B&Bs provide a safe and comfortable stay in Spain-inspired rooms, some large enough for the whole family. 

Our head chef studied abroad and brought back the authentic flavors of Spain to make our dishes true to their Spanish origins. And with a bit of Taiwanese flair, we've made these dishes our own. Come experience our truly unique food and rooms, sure to make your trip to Tainan one to remember.


驢子廚房(Donkey Kitchen)
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Family Restaurant Madou, Taiwan
Donkey Lashes
Donkey Kitchen, Taiwan
Donkey Lashes, Tainan Taiwan


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